Effective Monday, November 29, 2021, face masks will be required regardless of vaccination status indoors at all City facilities (this includes TPL). This face mask requirement will remain effect until further notice.




Loan Periods & Fees
Loan periods and fees for materials and services available at the library.

Lost or Damaged Items
Library patrons are responsible for returning all checked-out materials.  In the event that an item is lost or damaged, the patron has two options.

The Troy Public Library is committed to providing an atmosphere where people of all ages may come to read, browse, do research, study or attend a program.

Computer Use
Internet access at the Troy Public Library is an extension of the library’s commitment to meeting the community’s information needs. In addition to using the Internet as an information resource, the Library will provide public access to the Internet.

Room Use
The Troy Public Library provides limited meeting room space that may be scheduled for use by the public. The person booking the room must complete the “Application for Use of Meeting Room” form.

Collection Development & Management Plan
The Troy Public Library is the community’s collection of knowledge and entertainment, a personal resource for lifelong learning and a vibrant space for all. To accomplish this, the Library provides collections in a variety of formats to meet the educational, recreational, and informational needs of the community. The purpose of the Collection Development and Management Plan is to inform the residents of Troy as to the principles used in the selection process.

Petitioners are not allowed inside the library. Petitioners may ask people to sign petitions outside of the library. Petitioners may not block entrances or exits to the library and must be at a suitable distance from the doors for patrons to enter and exit the library. It is not acceptable for petitioners to harass or verbally abuse patrons in order to get them to sign the petition, or because they will not sign the petition. If petitioners harass library patrons they will be asked to leave. Any displays (i.e. table(s) with literature, pictures, or tabletop exhibit unit) require special permission from the Parks department.

The Troy Public Library offers programs intended to further the Library’s mission to be recognized by the community as a vital force; transforming minds, changing lives, promoting literacy, providing cultural enrichment and embracing the diversity of our evolving city.

Social Media
To address the fast-changing landscape of the Internet and the way residents communicate and obtain information online, City Departments are participating in Web 2.0 technologies such as social media formats to reach a broader audience.

Behavior within the library that disturbs another person or invades their right to privacy, including, but not limited to, staring at, photographing, or videotaping patrons or staff, is prohibited.

Memory Lab
The person booking the Lab must complete the release form. Troy residents may reserve a session in the Lab up to two weeks in advance with their library card.

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