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Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Our professional, Master’s-degreed librarians are available in person or by telephone or email to answer your questions, take recommendations for materials, place holds on items, and help you find information. But did you also know that librarians:

  • Teach technology classes
  • Create “Memory Care” kits for individuals with dementia
  • Plan entertaining and enlightening programs
  • Provide support and information for small businesses
  • Help people understand how government works, and provide them with the resources they need to make informed choices about how local, state and federal government is run
  • Support book discussion groups with materials and reading choices
  • Facilitate conversation groups for new English-language learners
  • Support students’ educational efforts
  • And many other things!

In the course of an average day, a librarian might:

  • Suggest a book for a reluctant teenage reader who never reads – or a senior who has read EVERYTHING
  • Handle a question of a sensitive nature with discretion and compassion
  • Show someone who is not confident or experienced with technology how to download an ebook or stream a movie
  • Help someone who knows little or no English use the library and find materials in their native language
  • Help someone research their family history
  • Show someone how they can practice Italian using their mobile device before their trip to Venice
  • Help someone take a practice test for a civil-service job
  • Find a book for a best man about how to make a great wedding toast
  • Get up-to-the-minute health information for someone who just received a diagnosis

Nothing makes a librarian happier than getting the right information or materials into someone’s hands, whether that’s the latest bestseller, an answer to a legal question, music by their favorite artist, or a book about how to find money for college. WE ARE HERE TO HELP—ASK US! 


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