Open Monday-Thursday, 10 am-7 pm & Saturday 10 am-5 pm for Curbside Pickup and Remote Reference Services. Returns accepted 24/7. Please visit Curbside Pickup page for updated instructions.



Overdue Fines & Fees 
  • No overdue fines are being assessed during this time.
Return Hours & Information
  • The 24-hour drive-up material return dropboxes are back; they are now located just before curbside space #5.
  • At the main building entrance walk-up dropboxes, we are accepting material returns 24/7.
  • How-To Safely Return Your Library Items at the Main Building Entrance Return Dropboxes:

    • Please follow the physical distancing guidelines at the front entrance when returning your items. This helps to ensure your safety and the safety of other patrons.
    • Due to the quarantine time and high volume of returns, please wait a minimum of 10 days before contacting the Library about your returned items.
  • The Troy Public Library and the Friends of the Troy Public Library are not accepting donations at this time.
  • Do not return material to other libraries.

Curbside Returns for Limited Mobility Patrons on Thursdays

  • Between 9–10 am on Thursday mornings, patrons who are unable to safely walk up to our main return slot may park in the handicapped parking spaces in the library’s main parking lot; a staff member will walk out to the patron’s car, retrieve the returns, and walk them up to the drop box. 
  • Patrons who use this service are asked to remain in their car while library staff picks up their items. It is requested that the items are bagged before returning, so staff can safely transport them to the main entrance.
  • We hope this new service will ensure that all of our residents are able to safely use the library! If you are a patron with limited mobility and cannot be at the library during the weekly drop-off hour, please call our Outreach Services Librarian at 248.680.7297 or fill out this outreach form to arrange material pickup. 
Return Your Large Library Items on Mondays

  • Book Club Kits, Experience Kits, Wonder Bundles, and Universal Access Kits that will not fit in the return slots can be returned every Monday from 10 am–6 pm to the large marked bin located right next to the walk-up material returns at the main entrance. Staff will monitor the bin throughout the day. 
Returning Digital Materials
  • If you are finished with your digital materials before your lending period is up, please digitally return so that other readers (or listeners) can use that item sooner. Learn how here.

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