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Troy Public Library 2024-28 Strategic Plan

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2024-28 Strategic Plan

In 2023 Troy Public Library hired an outside firm, ReThinking Libraries to assess the current state of the Library and help guide a work and vision plan for TPL for the next five years. They conducted staff interviews, a public survey, engagement sessions, and compiled the results. 

In July 2023, Troy Public Library distributed a survey with ReThinking Libraries and received 2,700 responses from community members. 
 Survey Results

Engagement Sessions

Rethinking Libraries held 10 community and staff engagement sessions in late summer/early fall 2023. These 113 participants included supervisory/non-supervisory staff, board and community members and 4 City Councillors.


Engagement Session Findings

City Council Presentation
On June 10, 2024 Troy Public Library and ReThinking Libraries delivered the below presentation to Troy City Council. 


City Council Presentation

Strategic Planning Report
On June 10, 2024 ReThinking Libraries presented the below report to Troy City Council. 


Strategic Planning Report

Library Building Video Tour
Take a behind the scenes tour of the Troy Public Library to learn about facility limitations.

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