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The Troy Public Library is committed to providing an atmosphere where people of all ages may come to read, browse, do research, study, attend a program, or enjoy the space. This policy does not prohibit quiet conversation between patrons and/or staff members or conversations required to carry on library programs or business. It is designed to preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where library patrons may use library services and materials without unacceptable disturbance.

It is each patron’s responsibility to maintain their own proper behavior in order to ensure protection of their individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons.

This policy has been established for the benefit and security of patrons, staff and the library facility. In order to provide a suitable library atmosphere, the following rules related to behavior have been established.

Behavior FAQs


In order to insure that all those using the library may enjoy the Library’s services, all patrons are to respect the following rules:

  • Pre-packaged snacks and covered beverages are permitted in most areas, except for the computer lab and Youth play area. Meals or messy, noisy or strong-smelling foods are not permitted except in the cafe.
  • Cell phone, video, and face-to-face conversations must be kept at a low volume in quiet areas of the library (such as in the stacks, in the computer lab, or by study tables). Louder conversations must be taken to the lobby, vestibules, or café.
  • No bicycle, tricycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, skates, or shopping carts.
  • Only persons conducting library or library-affiliated business will be allowed to solicit for the sale of goods and services in the library.
  • No smoking of any kind, including eCigarettes.
  • No person shall sleep in the library for an extended period of time.
  • No person shall enter the library or remain in the library without a shirt and shoes.
  • No person shall interfere with other library patrons’ use of the library through extremely poor personal hygiene.
  • No person shall bring a pet or other animal into the library unless they are service animals as defined by Michigan law, or part of a library program.
  • No patron will enter “Staff ” areas or use staff equipment without permission.
  • No person shall willfully annoy another person.
  • No person shall engage in loud or boisterous behavior.
  • Behavior within the library that disturbs another person or invades their privacy, including, but not limited to, staring at, photographing, or videotaping patrons or staff, is prohibited.
  • No person shall be in a state of intoxication that causes a public disturbance.
  • No behavior that is disruptive, abusive, harassing, or threatening in nature to patrons or staff.
  • No person shall use profane, obscene, or offensive language.
  • No person shall loiter on the premises under circumstances that warrant alarm for the safety or health of any person or property in the vicinity.
  • No person shall damage or deface public property.
  • No theft or damage to library property or materials.
  • No violation of any local, state or federal law within the library.
Handling Inappropriate Behavior

It is the charge of library staff to see that the rights of individuals to use the library are upheld and the rules are enforced. Unless the behavior is physically endangering or abusive to staff or other customers, the staff member “on-duty” will follow a 3-step process as outlined below:

Step 1:  Individual will be warned about the disruptive behavior and directed to cease.  Individual will be provided with a copy of the behavior policy.

Step 2:  Individual will be warned again, with the additional message that if a third warning is needed, they will be asked to leave the building.

Step 3:  Individual is asked to leave the building. Suspension of library use for a specified time may be issued depending on whether the behavior has been previously addressed but continues to occur.  If individual refuses to leave, they will be informed that the police will be called and they will be charged with trespassing and/or disturbing the peace and/or any other appropriate statute. 

If, in the judgment of a library staff member, an individual’s behavior is unmanageable, abusive or indicates a threat of physical harm to library employees, customers, or property, the staff will execute Step 3 immediately or call the police immediately.  Suspension of library use for a specified time period may be issued depending on the severity of the situation.  A brief written report about the incident and the action taken will be filed with the Library Director.  A written appeal to reconsider the suspension can be made to the City Manager or his/her designee.

Unattended Children

Unattended means that the parent or designated adult caregiver is not in close proximity to the child.  Library staff are not responsible for the care of unsupervised children in the library.  Parents or adult caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior while in the library.

  • All children ages 12 and younger must be in the company of a parent/adult care-giver at all times while in the library.
  • Even if the child is attending a program, it is required that the parent/adult caregiver remain in the library building throughout the program.
  • When a child is lost or left unattended, library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver. If the parent/adult caregiver cannot be found, then the staff member will call the Troy Police Department for assistance.
Minors at the Library After Closing

A minor under the age of 18 waiting for a ride after library closing will be allowed to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes inside the library foyer between the two sets of main entry doors.  The minor will be allowed to use the telephone, if necessary.

If the minor is not picked up within 15 minutes after library closing time, two library staff members will walk the minor to the Troy Police Department.