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Memory Lab

The person booking the Lab must complete the release form. The following rules must be observed:

Troy residents may reserve a session in the Lab up to two weeks in advance with their library card.

Walk-in usage of the Memory Lab is permitted on a first-come, first serve basis when the Lab is not in use. Outside residents may also use the Lab on a walk-in basis. Anyone wanting a walk-in registration for the Lab must make the request at the Digital Services desk; appointments must end ½ hour before the library closes. Digital Services staff will confirm the availability of the Lab for the desired time, and take the patron’s application.

All bookings are subject to the availability of staff and equipment.

The Library does not provide free digital storage. Patrons are recommended to bring their own flash drive to store the digital files created. The Library does sell USB flash drives at the Digital Services desk.

Bookings are limited to 4 hours. If the Lab is not booked at the end of the 4-hour period, the patron may extend the session for additional time not to exceed an additional 4-hour period after checking with staff at the Digital Services desk. However, all sessions must end at least ½ hour before the library’s posted closing time.

Patrons must be 18 years or older, or book a session with an adult. The adult must remain present for the session and be the primary contact on the form.

Reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Patrons frequently cancelling bookings with short notice may be prohibited from further bookings. Patrons with two no-shows will be canceled from further scheduled bookings and not allowed to book a room for one year.

Violation of any portion of this policy or other library policies will disqualify the applicant from future bookings.

Troy Public Library will not be responsible for any damages to materials or errors in conversions, and are not liable for any copyright infringement. Each patron assumes all responsibility for observing copyright restrictions and other laws when using equipment in the Library. The Library reserves the right to refuse any request for conversion services where the Library or any staff member feels a violation of the law may occur as a result of conversion.