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Room Use

The Troy Public Library provides limited meeting room space. The primary purpose of the meeting rooms is for Library activities, including programs presented by Library staff. These rooms may be booked, when not reserved for Library programming, on a first come, first serve basis.

The person booking the Meeting Room must complete the application below. 
To book the Meeting Room or small Conference room, please call JoAnn at 248.524.3548.


  1. Use of these rooms shall be restricted to public gatherings of non-profit, civic, cultural or educational groups. Rooms shall not be used for commercial, profit-making or fundraising events. Rooms are not available for commercial gain of any kind. No admission or fees shall be charged for an event or gathering. Sale of merchandise or other materials is prohibited. The meeting rooms cannot be used for programs, presentations, or classes, unless the library is a sponsor. 
  2. All meetings shall be free and open to the public.  Library staff reserves the right to enter the meeting rooms at any time.  No one may take photographs and/or videos of the meeting or individuals attending the meeting without prior written approval of the group or user(s).  Anyone taking photographs and/or videos without written approval of the group or user(s will be immediately escorted off of the premises.
  3. Meeting Room requests must be made by a Troy Public Library card holder.  The person who made the reservation MUST be attendance for the duration of the meeting.  
  4. Troy residents and Troy-based groups may reserve a room up to two weeks in advance of the meeting.  Applications for rooms will not be accepted if there is less than two weeks advance notice.  
  5. Advanced reservation booking for the meeting rooms is limited to twice per month, inclusive of both rooms and subject to availability.
  6. Walk-in usage of the meeting rooms is permitted on a first come, first serve basis when the room is not in use. Persons requesting a walk in request for a meeting room must make the request at the TPL Technology Desk prior to 8:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday and prior to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  The TPL Technology Desk staff will confirm the availability of the meeting room for the desired time, and will accept the name of the TPL Library Card holder that will be responsible for the meeting room, and who will be present in the meeting room during the requested time.  
  7. Bookings are limited to 2 hours.  If the room is not booked at the end of the 2-hour period, the group may extend the meeting for additional time not to exceed an additional 2-hour period after checking with staff at the TPL Circulation Desk.  However, all meetings and bookings must end at least 30 minutes before the library’s posted closing time.
  8. Reservations must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Groups frequently cancelling bookings with short notice may be prohibited from further bookings.  Groups with 2no-shows will be canceled from further scheduled bookings and not allowed to book a room for one year.
  9. Recitals are not permitted.
  10. The Library does not provide any audiovisual equipment. Groups can bring in their own audiovisual equipment, subject to the noise, sound and breach of peace regulations. 
  11. Groups or user(s) using the meeting rooms with individuals under the age of 18 years shall have at least one adult in attendance for every 20 individuals under the age of 18 years. 
  12. Groups or user(s) using the meeting rooms shall be responsible for leaving the room in the same conditions as it was found.  Groups or user(s) shall be responsible for any and all damage caused during their occupancy. Damage caused to the room will forfeit any future use.
  13. The persons booking the room and/or the person conducting the meeting shall be responsible for maintaining order and peace at the meeting. The Library staff reserves the right to eject individuals or the entire group from the library if there is a breach of the peace.  The Library staff shall have the sole discretion to make a determination as to whether there has been a breach of peace by the group. 
  14. Meetings that are likely to cause a disruption to the regular operation of the Library, for example, but not limited to, disruptively loud meetings, meetings with a projected overcapacity attendance, and/or meetings where there will be significant media presence, or which may impair the security of staff and patrons, or violate the Library’s behavior policy will not be able to book or use  a meeting room. The Library Director or his/her designated representative shall have the sole discretion to determine eligibility   of a meeting room in accordance with Library policy.
  15. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  Limited food and drink may be permitted upon special request and permission granted by the Library staff only.
  16. Use of materials or decorations on walls or ceilings is prohibited.  Lighted candles or other use of fire is prohibited.  Odors and noise must be kept to an acceptable level as determined by the Library staff.
  17. There shall be no posting of flyers or announcements on any wall or door of the Library, including entrance/exit doors. There shall be no posting of signs announcing the meeting outside of the building, on Library grounds. 
  18. There shall be no broadcast or web broadcast from any room in the library unless the broadcast is sponsored and/or conducted by the City of Troy.
  19. Any form of gambling or game of chance is prohibited, unless expressly permitted by law, and only if the City Council has approved the activity and issued a special permit.
  20. Use of the meeting rooms for Library or City of Troy programming shall pre-empt any scheduled meetings, if necessary.
  21. The Library may cancel the use of a meeting room without notice due to adverse weather conditions, fire and/or other acts of nature or acts beyond the Library’s control.
  22. Granting of permission to use a Library meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by the City of the group or user(s) or their positions and/or beliefs.  If a group or user(s) represent or advertises to its members or the public that the City is endorsing its positions and/or beliefs, that group or user(s) shall be denied future use of any meeting room.  
  23. Applicants and Groups and user(s) shall comply will all City ordinances and laws of the State of Michigan and the United States.
  24. The City of Troy assumes no liability/responsibility, financial or otherwise, for accidents or injuries sustained by individuals or groups of individuals, while using the meeting rooms, equipment, or property.
  25. Violation of any portion of this policy will disqualify the group or applicant from future bookings.

Policy for School-Based Groups

Due to high demand from multiple school-based groups, and as a service to Troy School District groups and students, Troy Public Library staff will designate one weeknight per month and one weekend day per month as GROUP STUDY ZONE days. While not exclusive for use by TSD groups, these designated days will allow for larger group study and work on group projects. These GROUP STUDY ZONE days will be the only dates available to school-based groups, due to TPL’s internal programs and meetings, and to afford other non-school-based community groups the opportunity to use the Library’s meeting space.