Announcing the Cathy Russ Challenge Grant

August 27, 2018

Dear Troy Public Library patrons,

Many of you are aware that my father, Roger Russ, passed away in November 2014. My dad worked at TPL for many years as the Outreach Coordinator, delivering books to Troy’s homebound residents. He loved his job and cared very much about the people he served. My mom, Cheryl Russ, passed away in April 2018. She was a true blue TPL supporter: she volunteered, she baked cookies for the staff, and she constantly promoted TPL to everyone she met.

My parents were my first introduction to reading and public libraries. They were both readers; they took me to the library every week from the time I was a baby until I could drive myself. They loved books and valued education, lifelong learning, and libraries. I still remember pestering my dad to take me to TPL after the addition opened in 1984. (I couldn’t drive then). I remember walking through the door of the expanded TPL and thinking that it was the best library ever (I still think that). That awe, that wonder (SO MANY BOOKS!), and my joy over the possibilities in those books, is with me to this day.

I believe public libraries have a unique place in our modern society. Libraries bring people together; provide information and answers; and often help people discover who they are meant to be, via programs and materials, and most importantly, by fostering connection.

In memory of Roger and Cheryl Russ, and in honor of their belief in the value of public libraries, I am sponsoring the Cathy Russ Challenge Grant. I will match up to $5,000 in donations to the Troy Public Library Endowment Fund, between today and December 31, 2018. I appreciate your consideration of this campaign, and am honored to be your Library Director.

Cathy Russ, Library Director

Visit the Endowment Fund page to learn more about the Endowment Fund and donate. 

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