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Universal Access Collection

The Universal Access Collection houses a variety of materials for those with differing abilities (including, but not limited to, patrons with physical disabilities, visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and developmental disabilities), as well as those who work with them. The collection includes books (including fiction, informational, and braille), magnifiers, adapted and therapeutic toys, learning manipulatives, assistive devices, and more, with a goal of providing more equitable access to library resources for patrons whose needs are not being met by other, traditional library collections. 

Universal Access Workstation
The Universal Access Workstation is a designated computer terminal equipped with assistive software and hardware that add needed accessibility for many with cognitive and intellectual difficulties, speech and language disorders, learning disabilities, vision impairments, and other needs. The Workstation includes a voice-to-text program, an assistive reading/writing program, and a software program that allows the computer to be controlled via capability switches. Hardware, including a capability switch, a combination headphone/microphone headset, and a document camera, is also available for use. The Workstation aims to provide more universal access to the digital resources and public computing options available at the Troy Public Library.


Tech Farm

The Tech Farm is a collection of digital and electronic devices that are used in-house to help young children gain the multimedia literacy necessary to be successful upon entering school. The devices provide age-appropriate introductions to digital concepts such as email, keyboard navigations, text messaging, handheld gaming, touch screen technology, and more. Devices in the Tech Farm include LeadPad Ultras, LeapPads, Fisher Price simulated iPhones, Tag Readers, VTech Mobigos, and Fridge Phonics.


International Languages Collection

The international languages collection represents the most common languages spoken in Troy. It comprises of fiction and non-fiction titles in languages other than English with an emphasis in picture stories, easy to read fiction titles, illustrated folk tales, popular subjects & picture dictionaries. Users of this collection include children and adults who are comfortable reading in their native language or who are learning, or hoping to maintain their reading ability in another language.


Wonder Bundles
Wonder Bundles are theme bags that hold 10 books on a particular topic, both fiction and non-fiction. Also included is a Song & Rhyme sheet for expanding on the theme. Wonder Bundles are available in themes such as apples, transportation, farms, food, dinosaurs and more. The Wonder Bundles have a six-week loan period, and are very useful for preschools, in-home child care, and more.

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