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HealingKit - CopyDealing with an emotionally-heavy or complicated issue? Place a hold on a Healing Kit today. Kits are available for Troy Public and Courtesy cardholders only. Topics include grief, divorce, addiction, and more. Each kit includes:

  • At least three subject-specific books/workbooks
  • A list of resources
  • A lined journal for you to keep
Available Kits
Click the kit below to find in the catalog or see where they are located at the Library: 

  1. LGBTQ+ Allyship
  2. Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
  3. Anxiety 1
  4. Anxiety 2
  5. Cultural Sensitivity 1
  6. Cultural Sensitivity 2
  7. Divorce
  8. Addiction
  9. Grief
  10. Mental Health
  11. Toxic Relationships

The Troy Public Library is not providing health care or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease, or condition. The information provided in this Healing Kit pertaining to your health or wellness is not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider.