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Special Collections

Citizen Science Kits
CitizenScienceBee - Copy

Citizen Science is a way for regular people to help real scientists. Check out one of the kits below to conduct an experiment, then share your findings on SciStarter to contribute to real-world scientific research projects. Kits can be found in the Youth Services department or in the catalog and can be checked out by patrons of all ages. 
Citizen Science Kits

Universal Access Collection
The Universal Access Collection houses a variety of materials for those with differing abilities (including, but not limited to, patrons with physical disabilities, visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and developmental disabilities), as well as those who work with them. The collection includes books (including fiction, informational, and braille), magnifiers, adapted and therapeutic toys, learning manipulatives, assistive devices, and more, with a goal of providing more equitable access to library resources for patrons whose needs are not being met by other, traditional library collections. 2022-2023 Sponsored in part by a donation from Entech Staffing Solutions and a grant from Troy Community foundation.
Universal Access Collection

International Languages Collection
This collection represents the most common languages spoken in Troy. It comprises fiction and non-fiction titles in languages other than English with an emphasis on picture stories, easy-to-read fiction titles, illustrated folk tales, popular subjects & picture dictionaries. Users of this collection include children and adults who are comfortable reading in their native language or who are learning, or hoping to maintain their reading ability in another language.
International Languages Collection

Wonder Bundle Kits

Check out these themed bags for children that hold ten books on a particular topic and a song and rhyme sheet. They are available in themes such as oceans, apples, transportation, dinosaurs, and more!
Wonder Bundle kits