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Humans of TPL

We at the Troy Public Library love books (of course!), but we love our patrons even more. Every day, Troy residents use library services to improve their lives and their communities – here are a few of their stories: 


"It’s been one year since I came to the US. My immigration was the first time I was out of my comfort zone. I don’t know why I came up with the library. However, I felt safe there. I still feel that way. It’s ironic. Looking for shelter in a strange city, I felt comfortable in the library full of books written in an unfamiliar language, English.

I met lots of friends at Talk Time. We are in the same boat as immigrants. We’ve been struggling with a language barrier. That makes us more connected. So, we are building our own community. Book clubs are a bit challenging, but I like the vibe, the atmosphere, even when I couldn’t speak at all. I realized there is a special but common sentiment to book readers regardless of their languages, their nationalities."


"When you arrive in another country, you feel lonely. You don’t have friends. Talk Time is a good opportunity to meet people. It’s not just about talking. Yeah, it’s a great place to improve your language skills, to find some new phrase and some interesting words. But it’s not just about that. I met great people. We meet together now, not just in the library. It’s not just about classes, it’s about friends. I advise everyone who comes to a new country to go to some clubs at the library to meet people. Even if you’re always busy, you can find just an hour to come here to spend time with wonderful people.

I started to use audiobooks to improve my English. It’s a good opportunity for people who just arrived to learn English—Hoopla and Libby. If you listen to audiobooks, you’ll learn more. Now, I’m reading Harry Potter in English. Some books you read again and again. I read it to my kids in their own language, but now I started it in English because I have my favorite collection of books illustrated by Jim Kay. It’s about the process. When you read your favorite books, it’s different."

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“I had always wanted to write a real book. Throughout elementary school, my 'books' would consist of 3 pieces of cut paper filled with crayon drawings and awkwardly stapled edges. Then middle school arrived and I started coming to the TPL. I loved attending the young adult writing programs and borrowing a truckload of books every visit. Then I started high school and I would be at the library often to do my homework. I would always see kids attend the writing programs in the adjacent room. Then I thought about everything that I learned when I attended those programs and my initial dream came to mind. So I started writing a book (a little more legit than the paper ones.) It was a very short one but it felt nice fulfilling an old dream of mine and it was all thanks to the TPL. Now, as a graduating senior, I really hope I can keep giving back to the TPL in the future just as it gave me so many valuable experiences and taught me so many lessons. Thank you TPL!”⁠


”I started going to the library as a kid. I still have (and use) my original library card, which has my signature from when I first learned how to write my name.

In 2019, I moved to Upstate NY without knowing anyone. I forced myself to get involved with lots of different groups and activities. When I moved back to Michigan in 2022, I wanted to keep this same adventure of trying new things. I went to Books and Brews the first month I came back. I met a very spunky librarian, and a great group of people that were nice and inviting. It was so much fun! They promoted other events, and I started attending more and more TPL sponsored activities such as Adult Game Night, Walking Book Club, and Adult Crafts, to name a few.

The Seed Library is my new favorite activity. I started looking at the calendar more often, and just kept signing up for things! This has been so much fun, and I'm thrilled to be recognized as a familiar face at TPL.”

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”When I moved to Troy in 6th grade, then went into lockdown that same year, I barely knew my classmates or other kids in Troy. In 8th grade I saw an ad for the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and decided to join. Through TAB I’ve gotten to meet so many people, make friends, and become part of a great community!”

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